Respectful Exits Launches ThePhazer™


The Respectful Exits team is excited to announce the launch of ThePhazer™—a powerful self-help toolkit that provides a step-by-step roadmap to new and better ways of working for aging employees. Following a successful crowdfunding campaign late in 2018, it was created with the generous support of donors large and small. This universal tool is available free of charge at

Today’s workers are living longer than ever—and they want to, need to, and are able to work longer than the accepted retirement age of 65. Yet, a significant gap exists between what pre-retirees want and what employers offer. A recent SHRM survey found 64% of workers age 50-64 hope to work longer and ease into retirement, but only 5% of employers offer such options as formal programs.

ThePhazer is an effective, tangible tool designed to help individuals bridge that gap.

Why ThePhazer™?

A phased or flexible retirement request can be tricky. It involves conversations about an employee’s interest in possible retirement which carries the risk that an employer might view the employee as less engaged or ready to walk out the door. So a successful request for phased or partial retirement must involve a careful assessment of a company’s work environment and a business-oriented proposal. That’s why our team at Respectful Exits created ThePhazer™.

'A successful request for phased or partial retirement must involve a careful assessment of a company’s work environment and a business-oriented proposal. That’s why our team at Respectful Exits created ThePhazer™.'Click To Tweet

What Is ThePhazer™?

ThePhazer™ is a comprehensive web-based tool based on proven techniques and processes developed by workplace-pioneer Rupert Organizational Design over the last decade while creating formal phased retirement programs for major companies. The toolkit supports a range of choices—from extending full-time work with greater flexibility, to phased and flexible retirement, to voluntary contracting. And it provides the framework, documents, guidance, and tips that aging workers need to wisely and safely select and advocate for  the solution that works best for them.

ThePhazer™ is the first site of its kind and empowers aging workers to:

  • Assess whether they and their employer are good candidates for extended work or flexible and phased retirement
  • Determine what type of work arrangement is right for their situation—working longer with flexible  schedules,  phased or part time retirement, or contract arrangements.
  • Design a win-win proposal using self-assessments, planning systems, sample agreements, and more.
  • Effectively present proposals and strengthen conversations with  managers by providing talking points, statistics, and success stories, as well as common objections and counter points

What’s Next for ThePhazer™?

Asnoted, the development of ThePhazer™ was funded with the generous donations of individual supporters, big and small, during our end-of- year fundraising campaign. Now our job is to get this invaluable tool  into the hands of the millions of pre-retirees looking to plan a more secure working future.

How you can help!

  • Use It: If you are a pre-retiree, visit to forge a win-win path for you and your employer to flexible and phased retirement.
  • Share It: Help us spread the word about this free self-help tool kit that empowers aging employees to create their own roadmap to retirement. Use the share links on this page!
  • Above all, Dig Deeper: There is no great value in building a powerful tool if no one knows it exists. We need your help to introduce it to the millions of Americans who need it NOW! We need to raise $35,000 by March 31 2019 to fund an ambitious distribution campaign to get ThePhazer™  in the hands of every aging worker who is at-risk of premature retirement. Donate today!

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