Age-Inclusive Employee Tools

Respectful Exits supports a range of your efforts as an employee or group of employees to promote the adoption of the Longevity Agenda by your employer. We’ve pulled together the top resources that offer deeper analysis of the broken employment and retirement systems. They detail the integrated practices of the proposed agenda that can help transform the way we work and retire.

You can develop your own approach or work with our Advisory Team to prepare for discussions and presentations appropriate for different audiences. The Employee Toolkit will prepare you to dialogue with other employees, community members and different levels of decision-makers.

One example of the kind of presentation we can provide is  the “Top 7 Stubborn Myths Vs. Realities About Aging Workers” that you see below.


Do you need a customized approach for your situation?

You can contact us using the form to the right to contact Respectful Exits Advisory Team. They will be in touch to discuss your customized approach.