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Respectful Exits has been featured nationally in the media. 

"A 'sell-by' date for employees? Fixing ageism and rethinking retirement in the workplace."

"Boomer Brain Drain: The Big Mistake Employers Are Making"

"‘Just Unbearable.’ Booming Job Market Can’t Fill the Retirement Shortfall"

"Phased Retirement: Talent Gold Mine or Impossible Dream?"

Podcasts & Webinars


Work and Life: Paul Rupert and Respectful Exits

Stew Friedman is Wharton’s Practice Professor of Management. In his Work and Life Podcast broadcast on SiriusXM 132, Stew interviews experts about how to cultivate harmony between work and the rest of your life. In this episode, Stew talks with Respectful Exits CEO Paul Rupert about the various ways in which those nearing the old standard age of retirement can continue to add significant value to their employers, and the costs to organizations of letting them go.


The Retirement Conversation: Is Your Company Fully Ready for the Aging Workforce?

In his Retirement Conversation podcast, executive coach Joe Casey talks with Paul Rupert, CEO of Respectful Exits, about trends in the workplace for seasoned workers. Paul offers his views on what smart companies can do to attract and retain talented older workers, shares his advice on how individuals can approach negotiating flexible work options and the story behind his new advocacy organization.

ThirdPath Institute Webinar: Rediscovering the Pursuit of Happiness

ThirdPath hosted a live webinar on their series “Thursday’s with ThirdPath” with Paul Rupert, longtime advocate for work life integration and founder of Respectful Exits. Together, they discussed why it’s critical to redesign retirement to support aging workers to work in a more flexible way so they can survive and thrive as we all live longer.


Springboard Consulting: 2019 Disability Matters N.A. Conference & Awards

The incidence of disability doubles between the ages 40-55; meaning, there are and will continue to be an aging-population in the workforce living with a disability.  Add to that, the many who are staying in the workforce longer than ever before. As a result, employers must implement a variety of workplace practices to support the aging employee-population; many of these practices can benefit all workers.  

Paul Rupert and Meryle Mahrer Kaplan of Rupert Organizational Design and Respectful Exits lead a lively discussion about the advantages and best practices for retaining this cohort, especially when they have or develop a disability.