Essential Documents

The supporting research below is essential to understand why Respectful Exits exists. These articles will help you digest the issue at hand. Recommended Reading and Articles of Interest will take you on a deep dive into the issues and why Respectful Exits is the path to a solution. 

Larry Fink's 2019 Letter to CEO's: Purpose and Profit

Blackrock Financial, January 2019

CEO of $6 trillion Blackrock Investments calls on companies to address the retirement crisis they helped create.

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Cutting 'Old Heads' at IBM

ProPublica, March 2018

A stunning dissection of a company known for diversity and employee loyalty systematically replacing 20,000 aging workers with millennials. 

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Phased Retirement Programs...Provide Flexibility for Workers and Employers

U.S. Government Accountability Office, July 2017

This comprehensive study documents the need for an feasibility of this practice and dispels common myths that stop or slow its adoption.

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Average Family [Savings] for Retirement at Every Age

CNBC Money, April 2017

Americans have far, far less in savings than they need for sustainable retirements. Find yourself on these charts.

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Recommended Reading

As the World Ages: When Older Populations Become the Majority

Pew Trusts Trend Magazine, January 2018

Today more Europeans and Americans are older than 60 than under age 15. In 2030 Europe, 50% of people will be over 50, 25% over 65, and 13% over 75.

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It's Time to Retire Retirement

Harvard Business Review, March 2004

The general population is aging and, with it, the labor pool. People are living longer, healthier lives, and the birthrate is at a historic low.

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Older Americans Would Work Longer if Jobs Were Flexible

Stanford Business School, October 2018

Older Americans, even those who are long retired, have strong willingness to work, especially in jobs with flexible schedules.

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Those Financial Wellness Programs at Work are Failing

MarketWatch, August 2018

When asked what would help improve employee financial wellness the most, employees wanted practical guidance that would “focus on the single next thing to do — one step at a time.”

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Articles of Interest

Fewer Companies are Forcing CEOs to Retire...

The Washington Post, September 2018

Fewer companies today have a default requirement that corporate executives should step away when they hit their mid-60s.

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The Snake Oil of the Second-Act Industry

The New York Times, June 2018

The promise of reinvention – the “second-act industry” – includes for-profit universities, certificate programs and “coaches” getting in on the new trend, for a fee. 

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Improving Opportunities for Those Who Want to Work Longer

Brookings / Kellogg, January 2019

Should Americans work longer before retirement? If so, what public policies can help make the workplace more appealing and accommodating for older workers?

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U.S. Aging Trends Are More Alarming Than We Thought

The Hill, November 2018

When it comes to our expectations for the age structure of the future U.S. population, the other shoe has just dropped. 

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