Build a Longevity Forum

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Longevity Forums are community-based, employer-facing organizations of aging workers committed to achieving healthy careers and retirement in today’s reality of healthier and longer lives.

As part of the Respectful Exits national network, Longevity Forums promote the workplace policies and practices of the Longevity Agenda. They pursue practices as a group to enhance their health, financial wellness and social cohesion and they educate their communities and employers to become age-inclusive.

The power of these Forums will reside in the experimentation and sharing of lessons learned that will grow from local execution and national coordination over time. The time for action is upon us and you can be the first person on your block to get the ball rolling.

Forum Options


In the face of workplace experiences ranging from sidelining to outright age discrimination, it is easy for aging workers to internalize such treatment and suffer in silence and isolation. The safety of Forum gatherings can strengthen the solidarity that encourages positive action.


Working together employees of a range of organizations can inform, train and prepare themselves for successful efforts to engage with their employers to transform habitual policies and practices. Building on the “wisdom of the crowd” is essential to successfully transform inhospitable workplaces into age-inclusive environments.


Drawing on community and employer resources, Forum participants can design and deliver tailored and effective approaches to maintaining health, preventing illness and offering diverse athletic activities.


Well-supported groups can marshal local, employer and national resources to assist workers at all stages of their lives to develop and implement plans for long-term saving and retirement. Finding competent, professional and sustained guidance in this crucial area is an arena that benefits from collective action.


As part of a larger process of community education and social cohesion, Forums can sponsor a range of locally designed and executed activities and participate in periodic national events. These can include film showings, debates, picnics, charitable drives and a host of activities that creative affiliates can imagine.

Do you want more information on Longevity Forums?

You can contact us using the form to the right for information and resources to help you join with others to take your collective future into your own hands.

Together we can explode the negative myths about aging workers and make longevity livable rather than lethal.