Randal Rupert Drawings

Bringing "Lost" Drawings Back to Life

Randal Rupert was an impressive artist whose multi-media work was exhibited in shows, galleries, and corporate collections in New York and beyond from the late 1970s through his untimely death during the Aids epidemic in 1989 – at age 39. His work virtually disappeared until a family bequest gave us access to his whole body of work.

It is fitting that his estate gifted reproductions of some of his more 800 drawings to support the work of Respectful Exits. We have selected from his many works on paper a set of oils, pastels, charcoals, and gouaches that you can order in either 11×14″ or 12×18″ formats. Prices include shipping and all revenue beyond those and production costs go directly to support our vital work.

Sailing on Crow's Pond, Cape Cod - 1979
Facing the River - 1986
Nature - 1979
Red Pot - 1979
Deer and Mask - 1982
Shades - 1985